Hungry Like A Wolf!-New from Peqe & Enfant Terrible

With all the events going on across the grid, I’m finding it so much fun to mix and match the different themed items I’ve collected! Most of what I’m wearing is from the Enchantment Event and the necklace and shoulder armor is NEW NEW NEW from Enfant Terrible for the We ❤ RP Event.
I’ve been mixing and matching all sorts of awesome looks and saving them as outfits to blog later, but I’ve been prancing around in this for the better part of the day and knew it had to be blogged! 
The gown is from Peqe and is available at the Enchantment Event in the color shown below and one other. It comes with a hood that actually covers your hair! Awesome!!!! 
For your Taxi to the Enchantment Event.
We ❤ RP opens tomorrow and it's going to be in a new location… so until I actually have the location, I won't be able to post a link 😦 But now worries… tomorrow will come fast! 
Necklace-Bokeh-Enchanting Red’s Medallion @ Enchantment
Hair band-Kalopsia-Wolf Mask @ Enchantment
Collar-Enfant Terrible-Deco Armor Necklace-Gold @ We ❤ RP
Shoulder Armor-Enfant Terrible-Deco Shoulder Armor @ We ❤ RP
Gown-Peqe-Riding Hood @ Enchantment

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