The Year of the Horse! -NEW from JUNBUG!

With all the events that are going on across the grid, this one kind of fell through the cracks, but you should definitely check out the Lunar New year Festival! 
for a taxi!
I am so in love with this gorgeous gown by Junbug. Juno seriously can do no wrong… and it’s perfect for Elves! Yes! The gown comes in green, red, and black. Now…I know it’s been hard to get into the FGC but it’ll calm down and everything will still be there. Including these awesome accessories from Aisling!  LOL! So, in the meantime…go check out the Lunar New Year Event! 
Crown-Aisling-Faranth-Ultra Rare @ FGC
Shoulders-Aisling-Faranth-Rare @ FGC
Bracers-Aisling-Faranth-Gold Common @ FGC
Gown-Junbug-Quanyin-Black @ CNY/Lunar New year Festival

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