Pretty In Pink-NEW From Arwen’s Creations!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Arwen Serpente from Arwen’s Creations is already on it!
For her VIP Group, she’s released this limited edition Valentine’s Day “A Rose without Thorns” gown. I seriously feel like a Princess…The soft pink is so feminine. If you’re not on her VIP group list, you should get yourself on it ASAP! She regularly gives out awesome gifts like this and we get first looks at all her awesome designs! 
for your carriage to Arwen’s Creations!
I know what I’m wearing today. Do you?


-On Me-
Hair-Lelutka-AWE-Almost Goth
Necklace-Enfant Terrible-Chloes Collier- Rose Gold 
Gown-Arwen’s creations-A Rose Without Thorns-Valentines Special edition
-On Him-
Location- My Backyard >.<

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