Loving Lilac-NEW from FGC!

BLOND! I’m BLOND! Eeeks… I’m loving this look today. I’m decked out in lovely lilac. It’s so soft and feminine. Everything in this post (except the hair) you are going to find at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I know, exciting, huh? 
Seriously, I went through about a zillion times, okay maybe not a zillion times… and I plan on going back!!!!!  Okay, I won’t bore you with my yada yada…I’ll let the post speak for it’s self. Enjoy!
…I know what I’m wearing today, do you?
Hair-Exile-Wild At Heart fusions
Shoulder&crown-Zibska-Manna in Melanzana-FGC
Necklace-LH-Sheridan-Sophisticate -Gold-FGC
Gown-Pege-Open gown-Lilac-FGC
Shoes-Enfant Terrible-Ribbon Ballet shoes-Purple-ENCHANTMENT EVENT

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