Recipe For Happiness!

I spent some time with my daughter, Ellamae today. It’s always a great day when I get to run around with my wee one! She brings so much joy and happiness into my Second Life… I know we all have a SL and a RL and usually they are two very different things and in my case, they are. 
I thought I would post some activities for families in SL to enjoy. Ella and I ran around the front yard today taking photos and playing in the grass, but there are a number of awesome things to do with children in SL!
Go to the Zoo! Oasis Zoo is fun to walk through with your wee ones
Or check out the Second life Railroad! 
Have fun at a Playground! Remember to make sure it’s a ‘family friendly’ community 
There are tons of awesome things to do with your family in SL. I know SL can be a bit adult at times, but there are family communities out there dedicated to bringing wholesome entertainment to your family. Most times, We stay in our little estate and play games, go horseback riding, or wander through the meadows, but it’s always nice to get out and have fun!

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