Apricot Maiden- NEW from Arwen’s Creations & Enfant Terrible!

My lovely Lady, Arwen Serpente has released “The Rose Without Thorns” gown in PASTELS! and I couldn’t be any happier. I love me some rich, vibrant colors… but there is something so soft, delicate, and sweet about pastels. 
This gown comes in a variety of lovely pastels including blue, teal, pink, purple… I mean, the list of colors goes on and on. It’s such a gorgeous gown… and it paired so perfectly with the Gacha items from Enfant Terrible
—>CLICK ME<— for a TP to Arwen’s Creations
—->CLICK ME<—- For a TP to Enfant Terrible
I know what I’m wearing today…do you?
Accessories-Enfant Terrible-Midsummer Gacha
Flowerband-Midsummer Flowerband Pastel (RARE)
Horns-Midsummer Horns 1 (Common)
Necklace-Midsummer dream-1 (Common)
Gown-Arwen’s Creations-A Rose Without Thorns-Pastels-Apricot
Aisling-Old Fountain

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