A Little Beast Named, Keats-NEW from TFC Mini Round!

YAY! Today is a ‘YAY!’ day. The Fantasy Collective Mini Round opened and the cuteness that makes up this post is overwhelming, so be warned. 
I have a ton more to post, but between RP and editing… this is what you get right away! nothing fancy, just showing off a bit of what to expect! I’m wearing a new Gown/Coat from JUNBUG, which comes in emerald green, ruby red, black, royal blue, and a few other colors. The detailing is stunning and the drape is perfection. The collar is a rich brown fur and the Gown/Coat is belted to cinch the waist. It truly is gorgeous. 
I’ve paired the gown with The Library’s contribution to TFC, which is a lovely headdress, which also comes in a variety of colors. I chose the emerald not only because it pairs so well with the Gown, but is also my favorite color.
Now…. for…the…. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!
Check out this incredible pet from Alchemy. I’ve named him Keats and he is my little beast! He is a Chimera Cub. What is a Chimera? Well, according the Greek Mythology, a Chimera is made up of three animals, a Lion, a Snake, and a Goat. “The term chimera has come to describe any mythical or fictional animal with parts taken from various animals, or to describe anything perceived as wildly imaginative or implausible.”-Wiki
I really don’t care what it is… IT IS ADORABLE. If you want this cuteness snuggled in your arms,
While you’re adopting your new little beast, make sure to pick up this lovely gown/coat, headdress, and all the other amazing things I’ll be posting soon!
Ears-Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears
Headdress-The Library-Alais-Emerald (The Fantasy Collective)
Gown-Junbug-Classic Manteau-Moss (The Fantasy Collective)
Pet-Alchemy-Chimera Pet (The Fantasy Collective)

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