High Elven Gone Rogue!-AISLING, ieQED, & More!

I know this has all been blogged to death… but… This is what I’m prancing around in today and thought I’d snap some photos… My character is looking a little less High Elven and a lot more Wood Elf. 
The Luminary, formally known as the Library created the gown I’m wearing for the last Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I had never worn it before and finally unpacked it… yes, I know. Very late. I absolutely love this dress. I feel sexy and regal. I paired it with some accessories from Aisling and ieQED to give the look a rustic edge. 
The Lorien bracers from EZ went perfectly and thus todays look was born!
My sister, Azmiedel wasn’t keen on the antlers, but… come on? When else am I gonna get to wear antlers?!
I know what I’m wearing today, do you?
Antlers-Aisling-Etchalvi-RARE-In store 
Shoulder Armor-ieQED-Antler Pauldron-Gold
Bracers-EZ-Lorien-Rustic Gold
Crown-Aisling-Sionnach Circlet
Gown-The Luminary-Antigone Red (No longer available)

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