Made Of Tougher Stuff

Not every Princess rules over a Fairytale Realm…
Or waits for her ‘Happily Ever After’
We don’t all adore red roses from Prince Charming. Some of us were raised to endure harsher climates, to wield a blade as well as any man, and to stay away from Princes whose charm hides his evil ways. My name is Niamh and I? I travel my own path. 
The whipping wind lifts my Raven locks, tangling them until it’s nearly impossible to comb out and I don’t care. I don’t care what others think of my wild appearance. I’m made of tougher stuff. 

Necklace-The Forge-Bodecia-Copper (Common)
Necklace-YUMMY-Bear Charm-Gold-Collabor88
Gown-TWA-The Moors of Winterfell-Nightshade

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