I Need To See A Man About A Horse- NEW KOT Mesh Horses!

Prepare yourself.
Yesterday, my friend, Orpheus told me about this Label called KOT who made the most incredible Mesh (Rideable) Horses & Centaur attachments. I was a bit skeptical at first… because I have a horse, it’s not mesh, but at the time, it was the best ride bale horse you could get in SL. Well, I had some time and I Poofed over to the store to try a Demo. Boy, was Orpheus right. This is, without a doubt the BEST Rideable Horse in SL. I am obsessed. Now, it’s a bit steep at 3,000L but it’s completely worth it. 
The movements are incredible and I adore the hud attachment. Now, you can have the Hud on at all times and the horse, but you can choose to ride the horse or put it away. The Horse comes in a huge range of coats and manes and it is all customizable! 
To check this awesome horse out
Things to know:
-Extra coats for your horse cost 350L (on marketplace)
-You may need to adjust your shape
-TRY THE DEMO before you purchase
Check out the Video below!

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