A Rose Without Thorns- NEW from Arwen’s Creations!

OMG! So… I’m completely flipping out! SQUEE! 
Cut to Fifteen hours earlier….
So, I logged in and was standing in my photo area (a big white box) getting my character dressed to Role Play for the evening when a NOTICE came in. Now, those who shop regularly at Arwen’s Creations know that Arwen takes her time designing gowns. She’s incredibly into detail and proper textures and for this WE THANK HER! Her style is so versatile, that not only Role Players shop at her store, but gals just looking for a lovely gown shop there as well. 
Anywho… back to my story. Well, I was half dressed when the notice came in and I took the TP right away! Ack, I know… it’s in poor taste to be half dressed when popping in a store, especially your friend’s store! I was immediately greeted by Arwen Serpente (who is such a DOLL). It’s no secret I advertise her store on my blog, so YES… I adore her and her store.
This gown is called A Rose Without Thorns and it is a mesh gown. It comes with a variety of Alpha options and of course, a variety of different ways to wear the gown. Arwen does this with all her gowns. There are veils, and clothing layers, jewels, and sleeves. Seriously, it’s so refreshing being able to customize a gown to suit your mood or character. 
It moves so well and it’s just GASP worthy. I’ve paired the gown with the Saku jewelry set from 
.a i s l i n g. by Drunnah Esharham (which is equally as gasp worthy) and it just works so well together. I know what I’ll be wearing today, do you?
Hair-D!va by Marisa Kira -Locuala-Onxy- COLLABOR88
Ears-Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel-Fantasy Elf Ears
Eyes- Ikon by Ikon Innovia-Promise-Silverleaf
Jewels-Aisling by Drunnah Esharham-Saku Set
Gown-Arwen’s Creations by Arwen Serpente-A Rose Without Thorns-Teal 
Shoes-Arwen’s Creations by Arwen Serpente-Quilted Flats-Teal

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