Ode To A Forgotten Realm…

She rode like mad, kicking her steed harder and harder…pushing her limits. She glanced back every now and then to see if she had, indeed, lost them. Her breathing was becoming erratic and difficult. She reigned in her steed to a slow trot as they wandered into the Village. Nobody was around… Not a soul to be seen. The bakery stood empty and the town square completely barren. “Huh.” she murmured aloud. “Seems… empty” she commented to herself. 
She dismounted, throwing the reigns across the saddle. Her steed immediately went to a water trough and drank deeply. She dusted off her riding breaches and velvet coat. It seemed she had wandered into yet another forgotten realm…

Hair-TRUTH-Soleil- Raven w/roots
Jewels-Gspot-Raven Nell Collar & Crown-Gold
Whimey-Golden Circlet-Fire
MG- Starry Night-Bangles-Gold
Weapons-EZ-Wrath’s Conviction-Bronze
Opium-Imperial Explorer-Bands & Sword
Outfit-Junbug-Zelda’s Doublet-Red
Junbug-Zelda’s Britches-Ivory
Junbug-Zelda’s Bootkykins-Red 

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