Aiming High- New from Evie’s Closet & More!

So… I was totally browsing Flickr, which is what I do before bed every night and noticed .:Emo-tions:. had some new hair out! I woke up this morning dead set on heading to .:Emo-tions:.
I went to see the Hobbit last week and as I sat there, in the theatre, memorizing the costumes and hair styles I kept crossing my fingers someone in SL would design some things based off what I saw in the movie. 
Low and behold! Emo-tions and Evie’s Closet totally delivered! I’m wearing the “Tariel”  hair from Emo-tions and the “Tauriel” outfit from Evie’s Closet and I LOVE THEM! Want this outfit? 
The outfit also comes in a variety of gorgeous colors, so grab ’em all!
What this awesome hair?
…Did ya buy ’em? Good. Moving on.
Okay, so… I completely lucked out! I was looking for Archer poses on Marketplace and found the most adorable poses EVER!!! They are from HOPSCOTCH and I fell so in love. It comes in both Male and female pose packs AND they come with a mesh bow & arrow. Now, the weapon isn’t anything to fawn over, but they work with the poses and for those RPers who can’t afford some totally incredible weapons, this kinda works. 
So, I know what I’m wearing today, do you?
Hair-Emo-tions-Tariel-Black & White pack
Circlet-Keystone-Woodlands-Limited Edition
ieQED-Antler Pauldron-Gold
EZ-Lorien-Rustic Gold
Outfit-Evie’s Closet-Tauriel-Fern

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