Dressed To Kill- New from Collabor88 and more!

Collabor88 opened yesterday at Midnight and after twenty or so tries trying to get in, I finally arrived!
Now, I hit up all sorts of events, even those that are not in the Fantasy/Role Play Realm. I may not blog everything, but I always take away a few lovely items. I was overly excited about this month’s Collabor88 because JUNBUG was asked to be a guest designer! -SQUEAKS-
I cannot stress enough how incredibly inventive, Junbug is with their Mesh. It’s just so different… It’s a combination of the actual Mesh and Texture that make Junbug designs gasp worthy. This gown called the, “Instant Crush” comes in seven glorious colors that include: Bloom, Dusky, Lavender, Night, Olive, Pearl (shown), and Steel Blue. Crab a carriage to Collabor88 here —-> CLICK ME
ALSO! I wandered around the FAMEshed event and fell head over heels for the new “Promise” eyes by Ikon. If you haven’t checked them out yet…. GO! —-> CLICK ME
YES! I know what I’m wearing today, do you? 
Ears-Mandala-Fantasy Elf ears
Eyes-Ikon-Promise-Wight- FAMEshed
EZ– Eldar Bow
EZ-Wrath’s Conviction Sword
Armor- [The Forge]-Eldar in Gold
[The Forge]-Boadicea’s Belt
[The Forge]-Bandage Patch
[The Forge]-Boadicea’s Necklace (Silver/COMMON)
[The Forge]-Boadicea’s Headpiece (RARE)
MG-Book of Angels-Long & Short

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