Northern Winds

As I walk through this barren and depleted land, I shrug my stole closer around me. The snow falls in great sheets of white, sprinkling the land in it fine white dust. My mercurial gaze moves from one drift to another, searching for any signs of life. A small fox, it’s rough fur covered in snow pranced across the land, sniffing and diving here and there. Sometimes he came back up from the snow with a small mouse or other rodent, other times he came up empty. I watched him for a long while… His movements precise and calculated in every way. He stopped and gazed back at me, as if to tell me I don’t belong here. He’s right. I don’t belong here. I look out of place in my fine gown of red satin. I was like a beautiful blood stain upon the pure white snow. Beautiful, but out of place. 

Hair-TRUTH-Briony-w/roots Raven
Ears-Illusions-Sprite Ears
Eyes-Ibanez Eyes-Signiture eyes-Moonlight
Tiara-Bliensen + MaiTai-Moonchild Gold
Necklace-MG-Book of Angeles-Short Gold (Collabor88)
Collar-Enfant Terrible-Chloes Collier Rose Gold (We ❤ RP)
Ring-AI-Wytlesey Solitair Signet Ring-Gold
Fur-Ryvolter-Mink Princess Stole-Brown
Gown-The Muses-Mirror Mirror-Red (Enchantment)

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