Her Serene Highness, Queen Antoinette by The White Armory

I received this gown Monday, but didn’t sign on in world until yesterday evening, and I was surprised to see this gorgeous gem sitting in my inventory!
Oh, Bee. You are truly an amazing designer. 
This gown is not only stunning with it’s billowing folds and slashed sleeves, but the color combination is out of this world. The hand painted lavender skirt paired with the diluted pale greenish/grey (sorry, I don’t have an honest name for it) makes this gown feel etherial and Royal, without being over the top. I walked around in this yesterday through a new SIM, that I was introduced by my best friend, Nairb. Has anyone ever been to Sylvhara? It’s an Elven Realm with gorgeous Marble Towers and a lovely little Tavern. It was pretty to dance around in, but for some reason, I have the worst time in over scripted SIMs. Mind you, I’m working off a super computer. I NEVER lag, but for whatever reason… I’ve been lagging it up lately. I should really check on that. 
Anyway, enough of that… GO BUY THIS GOWN! Treat yourself to a Royal Hairdresser, get some Jewels, and wander around the Sevenwaters Throne room for a while, sipping Tea and taking photos. 
Hair-TRUTH-Orchid-Light Blondes
Skin-LAQ-Vilda-Makeup 2
Beetlebones-Mesh eyelashes-Dainty Black
Earrings-Donna Flora
Gown-TWA-Queen Antoinette

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