Sneek Peek!

Hello! Hello! Hello!
I’ve been keeping secrets from you…
I hate it!
However, I will give you a little sneak peek at this year’s Fantasy Faire. Now, as some of you may know, bloggers have been paired with creators and FF sims in order to full cover the faire (which is HUGE!) 
I was lucky enough to be placed with some amazing designers and one of my dearest friends!
You’ll be seeing a ton of awesome things very soon, but today I thought I would give you a little peek into what I’ve been prancing around in.
Also, if you play a Mermaid or you’re interested in being a lovely Mer in SL, keep my blog open in your browser -wink wink-
Here’s a little bit of lovely for your day and something that will be available at this years Fantasy Faire!
“Tidal Treasure” By: Kol Tchailenov of Mer-chandise Cove

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