Elven Embrace

Her back ached, she was dizzy, and her sight was becoming a joke. She was literally sick and tired of the damned rocking of the ship and the smell of salted meats, dead fish, and vomit. Gadget stared at her from his perch. His feet dangling carelessly over the ship’s edge. Nothing seemed to bother the Grey Elf. His hands were busy stuffing his pipe, while he hummed a happy tune and watched the Gulls dance with each other on the sweet sea Breeze. She envied his care free demeanor. in fact, in annoyed her. She glared at him.
“What?” she snapped. Her arms instinctively folded protectively across her chest as he jumped from his perch and sauntered over to her. His eyes glowing against the sun’s rays.
“I didn’t say anything.” he protested.
“You didn’t have to…” she rolled her eyes and turned away from him, the smoke from his pipe making her eyes water.
Credits: On Sorcha
Hair-TRUTH-Estelle-Blacks & Whites-Night
Skin-The Plastik-Ataciara-Elven-Valah-Void
Eyes-Ibanez Eyes-Smooth Glow Eyes- GreyGreen
Outfit-TWA-Exiled Adventurer Tunic Set (BRAND NEW)
Credits: On Gadget
…Who the hell knows, he tried to explain to me and I stopped listening after a while. 

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