The Fae and the Woods

Leaves gathered at her feet, as if praising the very ground she walked upon. Her bare feet never crushed what was beneath them, but glided gently and gracefully. Her eyes appeared brown, like the color of an aged walnut shell. They peered about the empty woods, not searching, but pondering the silence between the woods and herself. They had an unspoken language, the woods and the Fae. A language only they knew. Her gown rustled against the underbrush, like a thousand tiny wings fluttering against each other. She lifted the gossamer fabric delicately and walked across the bridge, barely visible, save for the fireflies that hovered around her, guiding her safely across. 
Hair-Lelutka-Yippie (Mesh)-Sweden
Eyes-Ibanez Eyes- Tranquil Prim Eyes-Walnut
Gown-Evie’s Closet-Tuala-Antique
Crown-Evie’s Closet-Tuala crown & Collar-Antique
Pose-Adorkable Poses-25 Days of Poses
Location-The Realm of Sevenwaters Ruins-Group Access Only (Contact Sorcha Irelund)

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