Down on the OLD FORGE

“The Old Forge strives to create beautiful non-bulky armor. Intricately detailed and carefully textured, TOF is aiming to bring a set of unique armor for each race, starting with the ‘Avariel’ an angel-type race of the elves. You can look forward to seeing elven, dwarf, dragon, fae and many many more. Each is specifically designed with the race in mind, from the colours, the heaviness, down to the small quirky details that can be found. Both Male and female versions of each piece of armor will be available SOON!”
I welcome ye’ to The Old Forge.- The Old Forge
I’ve been watching this new’ish’ brand for a bit now, and I must say, I thoroughly enjoy their armor! Now, I’m non-combative player, but once in awhile, it’s nice to wear the armor and inspire your people! 
The detail in the armor is out of this world! I’m wearing the Female Elven Armor <—click here to purchase
The collar is so dramatic, and we all know how much I love a collar >.<
Check out THE OLD FORGE and give it a go. 

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