Making a castle a home is hard work!

The Great Hall:
I did my best to create a Great Hall that Role Players could lounge around in comfortable seats, gossip around Oak tables, and lean against Pillars of stone that seem to go on forever. I’m really into saving prime, which has made me a “low prim” seeker. I found some great furniture from a newish store called, Eri o vaR. I fell in love rather quickly. All of the furniture is not only sculpted well, but textured nicely as well! The best part is, it’s all LOW PRIM! What you’ll see in the photo above is a couple Oak chairs with green upholstery scattered about, a sweet oak table with apples and books placed upon it, and a barrel with the same green upholstery. Another neat function of the chairs, is once you purchase it, you receive every color (blue, green, crimson, and natural). The furniture is also budget friendly. We love that!

 Hi. That’s me up there. LOL. I’m sitting on Rustica’s new high backed, MESH throne/chair. It’s so lovely and is packed with fun sitting poses. It’s perfect for those seeking a nice, but understated throne or group of chairs for a dining table. I love everything, Maxwell Graf makes, but I especially love all his new MESH products. I hope to see more!
I’m not sure I have ever mentioned decorating a Palace, but I wanted to drop some RP knowledge on ya.
Not every room needs to be packed with furniture. I’ve asked many of my RP friends what they would like to see and the majority all said, less is more. They want room to move their avis around. The photo above is of the Audience chamber. It has a fireplace, coffee table, three chairs, and a mini bar. That’s it! 

My bedroom. I didn’t really want a ROYAL bedroom. I had one and decided against it. I like my private, little hide out >.<

Last, but not least… and this isn’t even half of the Palace, but I love this room and wanted to share. This is the council chamber, where members of the Sevenwater’s Privy Chamber meet to discuss various things. It houses a long dining room table with matching chairs from Moonstruck and some bookcases filled with Notecards of previous meetings, RPs, and historic scrolls about Sevenwaters. Fun huh?! 
I guess this blog post is my first of many that will focus on designing a medieval sim that is not only fun to play in, but historically realistic and lovely to look at.
I’ll be posting furniture pieces, landscaping tips & tricks, and anything else that I come across that holds relevance to this series. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post below! I love reading your ideas!

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