Arwen’s Creations

Happy Tuesday!
I thought I would share with you my favorite pieces from “Arwen’s Creations”.
I’ve composited four gowns together >.<

from left to right:
“Win or Die”- Olive
Relay For Life “Lirimaer”-Hope (Special Edition)
“Giulia”- Forest green
These are my absolute favorite gowns from “Arwen’s creations”. They are so much fun to wear and the colors are so richly textured. As far as I know, I believe each of these gowns is 580L, including the Relay For Life Gown, but it’s always nice to donate more >.<
The “Caprice” gown is the newest and comes with a nice backpack for RPers that are traveling. 
I just love the detail, Arwen places in each of her gowns. 
The “Win or Die” gown is obviously based off, “Game of Thrones” by George RR Martin. It was also clearly influenced by the HBO series based off the books. It’s a bit Gor for me, but I do love the color and the different folds in the gown. I also adore the sleeves. This gown is perfect for someone that wishes the play a noble woman without playing too rich.
The “Giulia” gown is just breathtaking. It’s for those that are playing royalty or a noble woman with a lot of coin. At the end of the day, Arwen has created a very realistic line of gowns for women in the RP community and I appreciate that.
I urge everyone to donate to Relay For Life and purchase the “Lirimaer” gown.
Have fun and happy shopping!
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