She grasped the sides of the old Oak chair, her hands trembling as the lights flickered around her. She knew the ArchDuke was present, not in body, but in spirit. He had such abilities. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she waited for him to speak. His deep voice filled the space, echoing off the stone keep that surrounded the little outdoor tavern. 
“Sorcha…Sorcha…Sorcha…” he tsked. “You have been a very naughty Queen.” he cackled, his voice jumping from right beside her ear to across the hall, to her left, and to her right. 
“What do you mean!?” she demanded. Her voice shaking, despite her efforts to conceal her nervousness. 
“You may be a Queen, but you are first and foremost the Mother of my child… and you neglected to tell me, our son has been returned.” His harsh tone frightened her.
“I did not think it necessary, since you have eyes and ears everywhere. I was sure you would know…either way…” she gulped and stood, keeping her hands by her side. “Why do you care anyways! You were not there at his birth.” she scoffed. She turned around, her skirts flaring out around her. She knew he was gone… the iciness had gone out go the Spring air. She shook her head and sat back down, wondering when he would visit her again… the Demon King…

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