Her toes retracted as they felt the cool cobbled stone beneath them. She shivered and shrugged on a light robe, trimmed in a dark fur of some mythical creature. She never cared to ask her suitor’s where they found such precious gifts, but she dearly loved them all. Her ladies rushed forward as they guided her to her bathing chamber and set her gently in the tub for bathing. Her eyes closed as they washed her, combed her hair, and readied her for the day. 

She chose a gown of rich blue, Sapphire you could say. The cuffs, belt, and chains were fastened together and her hair was left loose and flowing, which some conservatives would disapprove of, but she was the Queen and it was her Queendom. 

Her straight backed throne loomed over the Great Hall, it had always made her ill at ease. Servants, Petitioners, and Courtiers alike moved from one end of the Gallery to the other, gossiping to one another about the previous day’s events. She gazed at them, signing off on this and that. Her eyes cold and distant. 

What they didn’t know, was this was her husband’s favorite gown… what they didn’t know was… he was gone.
Hair-TRUTH-Lykie (Mesh)- Light Blondes
Eyes-Ibanez SmoothGlow Eyes-Cumin
Gown-TWA-Juliet Gown-Sapphire 
Location- The Realm of Sevenwaters

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