Skin as white as snow…

Her violet eyes peered out from between heavy lashes. They flickered as she blinked in the low light of the candles. Her raven locks curled about her face in an angelic halo and her scarlet lips parted slightly as she tilted her chin toward her book, laying open in her fair palms. The moon could not have been any bigger as it lit the worn paths of Sevenwaters and reflected off the dark Sea. Her hand reached up toward her neck to finger the heavy jewelry placed at her heaving bosom…the words on the page wrapping it’s calligraphy around her neck, shoulders, and waist. Taking her off on a far away journey where a Prince would one day marry her. She shook herself from her thoughts and realized she had been sitting in the Tavern day dreaming the entire time…Ooops… 

Hair-D!va-D!va2-Group Gift
Skin-Illusory-Love-Milk-Scarlet 88L @ Collabor88
Jewels-Donna Flora-Gloria
Gown- TWA by Bee Dumpling-Royal Court Gown-Steel Gray
Pose-Glitterati-Formality 2

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