Collabor88 Loves Literature

This month’s Collabor88 is all about the Literature…
I love that there is a theme. There were multiple poses by PDA and Glitterati (which are featured in today’s post)  are simply adorable and oh so proper. Might I also throw out there, that this month’s Collabor is very sexy! In a “Oo la la” sort of way. 
I didn’t purchase everything, but I think I did pretty well for a post about the event. Since this is a fantasy blog, I didn’t want to get too modern for ya, but I couldn’t resist all this adorable stuff!
Isn’t this lingerie by, Whippet&Buck to die for?! It’s so fragile. Oh! Oh! and I am so in love with skin by, Illusory. Gorgeous huh? 
Have fun! Practice safe shopping 🙂
Hair-Vive9-Duchess Braid-Rigges mesh 88L
Skin-Illusory-Love-Milk-Scarlet 88L
Eyes-By Snow-Elven eyes-Leaf
Jewelry- The Sea Hole (Images 1&2)-Nausica Braclet & Ring set-Pineapple 88L
Yummy (Image 3)-Classic Literature-Multiple 88L
Lingerie- Whippet&Buck-Berry Tart 88L
Dress-UFO-Delicate Fragrance-Black 88L
Heels- Ingenue-Gatsby-Chartreuse-Mesh 88L
Boots- Fir & MNA-The Steinbeck Boots- Mesh 88L
Poses-Glitterati-Formality 1 & 2 88L

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