Wishing for Spring

Good morning, everyone! I have some lovely NEW things to share with you. 
Madison’s Creations is such an understated brand in the Medieval/Fantasy world. They have been around for some time, but I find they get overshadowed by other larger brands. Their new gowns are INCREDIBLE! I just love the layers and textures… it’s so light and lovely, but still regal and romantic. I just felt beautiful prancing around my sim this morning. I’m also wearing BOON hair. They make the most artistic hair. It’s so much fun and looks beautiful on everyone. The jewelry set was a surprise this morning, as I walked into Donna Flora. IT’S FREE! My goodness…Tuesday is starting off right!
RP TIP: Don’t be afraid to express your character with clothing, hair, or accessories. I know some players don’t have a lot of Lindens to play with but there are some serious gems on xlstreet and around the grid that can truly take your character to the next level for little to no money! Accessories, such as, weapons, healing tools, pouches…etc, are truly important for your character. it makes it feel real to you and everyone around you. So have fun and accessorize! 

Eyes-Mayfly-Monet Dawn Mesh
Jewelry-Donna Flora-Pasqulina Set (free in store)
Gown-Madison’s Creations-Raeghan-Sage (New)
Location-The Realm of Sevenwaters

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