There Once Was A Nymph.

Hair-Milana-Olive Fat Pack (Dye Hud)
Eyes- iGalaxy in blue by Naomi Afterthought (Contact in world for info)
Skin-No Longer Available
Makeup- Chelle-Eyeshadow Smoke-Denim
               Chelle-Eyeliner Eyepop-Blueberry
Pose- E-ink-six free poses (XLstreet)
Location- Sevenwaters
Once upon a time, there lived a lovely creature of the deepest blue. She would walk the Realm of Sevenwaters, singing her day away. Her curled hair and deep eyes reflected the intense River blue skin she was born with. Her name was Fiacha, and she was a Daughter of the Forest, like her Mother before her.
If you are going to play a very fantastical creature, like the one I have put together above, it’s good to choose clothing, hair, eyes, and such that not only reflect your personality, but also express your culture and your storyline. Fiacha is from a tribe of Woodland Nymphs whose colors reflect the elemental forces they were born with. Fiacha is obviously a water Elemental. Her powers and strengths are all water focused and she has a strong infinity to water and aquatic creatures such as Mer. Her entire storyline is always water based. For instance, Fiacha cannot just spends days without being near water, not unlike a Mer. Though she does not need it to survive, she will become depressed and weak without her elemental force close at hand. 

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