Everything Today is Thoroughly Modern…

Today was truly an experience for me. I stepped out of my medieval garb and dawned a pair of Mon Tissu denim shorts, a BeetleBones Mesh Tank, and I took my son Fin to “Zoo World”. It was being advertised so much, that I decided to go on and take him. He’s old enough, right? No, not really, but I know he loved it. We saw monkeys, Lions, and all sorts of little critters. It was actually really fun! After our morning trip to the Zoo, I decided to stay in my modern vibe and buy a house. GASP! Yes, a house. not a castle. A house. I read Ch’Know? a lot, it’s a really great SL blog by Alicia Chenaux. I love her blog, it’s so much fun seeing what quirky awesomeness she has to say! Anyways… her friend Ulaa Coronet designs amazing homes, so I bought one! I’ll post more photos when all is said and done, but I thought I would show you my Modern Self. Oo lala.

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