Dhaerown Redemption

Kiila Blackheart: Lady Piona can you cast a comprehend languages spell on her pelas?
 it will make things easier
Lucy Parabola: i feel safer knowing this..thankyou
Lucy Parabola: usstan satiir safer zhaunl nindol..taknea

Kiila Blackheart: l’ m’elzar jallil zhah casting natha wlalth ulu morfeth dos izil ulu kampi’un udossta wiles  (( the mage will cast a spell so you can understand us and we can understand you))
Lucy Parabola: wil trhey kampi’un uns’aa ‘zil al? ((wil trhey understand me as well?))
Kiila Blackheart: siyo ((yes))

Pionia Destiny: smiles reaching ou ther hands to the drow. waves them on the air. grabng a clear stone on her right hand chants … habla que te entendemos.. ahora.. a mist surronds the drow..

Kiila Blackheart: :::Nods to Maggie::
Magdalena Easterwood: All set, m’lady.
Kiila Blackheart: It is time
Pionia Destiny: the drow will understand and we’ll understand her words..
Kiila Blackheart: :::smiles her thanks to the Archmage
Pionia Destiny: looks back at Kiila noding

Elayne Carpathia: I shall begin.
Magdalena Easterwood: Turns to Elayne
Elayne Carpathia: With this poem I invoke Airmid, the Celtic goddess of medicinal plants and keeper of the spring that brings the dead back to life.
Elayne Carpathia: “I will pluck the yarrow fair,
 That more benign shall be my face,
 That more warm shall be my lips,
 That more chaste shall be my speech,
 Be my speech the beams of the sun,
 Be my lips the sap of the strawberry.”

Elayne Carpathia: From the Element of Fire
Comes this smoke.
Lucy Broadfoot (lucy.parabola): fire?
Elayne Carpathia: *nods to Maggie*
Lucy Broadfoot (lucy.parabola) looks smoke; i understand….
Magdalena Easterwood: *raises her arms high above her heads to the heavens.*
I Call upon thee Mother Cerridwen, crone goddess and blessed guardian of the cauldron.
As is your wont, use your special powers of transformation with this group gathered today.
Keeper of the souls, guardian of the body and spirit…..
I call upon the element of Earth from which spring these plants.

Sorcha Caitrin Gans (sorcha.irelund): she closed her eyes and called forth the spirit of the Tüatha De Danann: “lady of the Forest, hear our cry…for it is she with open arms that we send thee…it is she that we cast our love and the love of nature….”

Magdalena Easterwood: turns to Pionia
Lucy Broadfoot (lucy.parabola) looks around then back at the drow she knew all these peopl trying to help her she is pleased

Pionia Destiny: breaths deep relaxing her body, raise s er arms to the heaven calliing on the weave… From the Element of Water ….comes This Storm.
Rogan Farstrider: *Raises his arms in suplication to his goddess ballancing carefully on his splinted leg* From the Element of Air
comes the wind.
Lucy Broadfoot (lucy.parabola) looks around what is this feelin g.. she wanders as she stands inthe middle.. energy.. what looks about but stays her path
Rogan Farstrider: I call upon the Goddes, The Elements and the Blessings of Spirit
To please cleanse this drow of the taint of the
curse of the ilithryii; She comes to us redeemed and redeemable
Magdalena Easterwood: She comes to us redeemed and redeemable!
Pionia Destiny: She comes to us redeemed and
Elayne Carpathia: She comes to us redeemed and redeemable

Kiila Blackheart: I call on Eilistraee to cleanse her Child that
she may dance again in the moons light and be
welcome again into Aryvandor.

Sorcha Caitrin Gans (sorcha.irelund) smiles

Kiila Blackheart the (Sealed) Druid of Flora creates a pathway of glowing moonbeams.
 Walk the path of Light and return in the Moons light, cleansed and redeemed
Rogan Farstrider: For the good of all.So mote it be

Magdalena Easterwood: *raises her arms high, again, in praise of this miracle!
So mote it be~!
Pionia Destiny: So mote it be
Elayne Carpathia: So mote it be

Magdalena Easterwood: * sharp intake of breath*
Elayne Carpathia: *gasps*
Kiila Blackheart: For the good of all.
So mote it be

*The ebony skin fades to sun kissed golden brown, the white hair turning ebony black, the true colors of the Ilythrii, dark elves but wings came free of that long ago curse giving sight to the other bloodline of the one time dhaerow.*

Lucy Broadfoot (lucy.parabola): he lo
Kiila Blackheart: ilythirii.. Dark elf.. and Fae..
Lucy Broadfoot (lucy.parabola): yes she bows her head

Magdalena Easterwood: drops in a low curtsy to the beautiful elf

Lucy Broadfoot (lucy.parabola) looks around that darkness is gone… smiles.. i must thankyou
Kiila Blackheart: :::smiles to Sorcha::: Lady.. thy kin reborn
Sorcha Caitrin Gans (sorcha.irelund) curtsies respectfully
Lucy Broadfoot (lucy.parabola):  bows
Sorcha Caitrin Gans (sorcha.irelund) “What a gorgeous fae she is…Welcome sister.”

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