Once Upon a Mermaid

Once upon a time, there lived a delicate Mer Maiden. She was the stuff of legend. Her wild, white locks surrounded her otherworldly face like an Angelic Halo, and her skin as translucent as the water she lived in, rippled with the tide. The Mer Maiden lived out her days frolicking in the deep Sea’s of Sevenwaters. She was, as far as she knew, the only Mermaid in the realm of Sevenwaters. For she never saw another of her kind swim the deep seas or explore the forgotten caves. Oh, how she wished there was another Mer, one who she may identify with, share her deepest secrets, and confess her heart’s greatest desires, but alas, she was alone. 
 She sat high upon the cliff face, where the falls crashed below. Her colorless gaze peered out toward the Horizon. The longing and desire hidden deep in her soul, could, at these moments, be seen through her eyes. She would wait for her soul mate… she would wait forever. 


Hair-IrenaWhite-Irena Hair
Eyes-Stella 014-Glam Affair
Scales-Silvermoon by Bramblethorn Warwillow
Location- The Realm of Sevenwaters

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