Nairb’s Always In Trouble…

 She reigned in her horse as she approached the silent courtyard. Her steed’s hooves echoing as she came to a delicate stop. “Oy, there! Jac!” she called from high stop her saddle. Jac looked up, his gray eyes smiling at her. 
“Good evening, my Queen.” he took an obnoxiously low bow. Sorcha rolled her eyes and dismounted. She gave a pat on her steed’s behind, sending him off to the stables as a freckled face lad took the reigns from her Majesty and led the horse away. Jac stood quietly and watched this as Sorcha took off her gloves and made her way to the tavern.
“Our dear friend is in quite a bit of trouble, Jac…” she mused, taking a seat at the counter. Jac shrugged. 
“Of course he is. Nairb’s always in trouble.” Sorcha sighed and shook her head.
“You know, Jac… I’m sure your brother has already told you of the dispute in Port Crimson the other night?” Sorcha turned to ask Jac. He looked at her and nodded. 
“Yes, he told me… what was all of it about?” Jac asked.
“I slapped Elayne across the face.” She confessed. “I cannot believe Nairb did all those things Elayne has said. I know my Nairb. I know it wasn’t his intention to hurt anyone…” she tried to sound convincing, but she couldn’t even fool herself. 
Jac took a long gulp of his Ale, he had helped himself to. “I cannot let those Port Crimson uppity ups to kill our friend. Never. I have decided to allow Nairb a safe haven here in Sevenwaters. I know this may start a war, but…” she stopped herself and sighed deeply, rubbing her temples lightly. “I just can’t let them take Nairb from us. I may be a Queen and have the weight of Sevenwaters on my back, but I will always be loyal to my friends, and my loyalty will always lay with you and Nairb. Always.” 
“I hope you know what you’re doing, Sorcha…” Jac said, gazing at his Queen and friend.
To Be Continued…

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