Home Sweet Home

Okay… as promised, here are some quick snaps of my new Linden Premium home. Cute, right? With a premium membership, you get a Linden designed home in a themed land of your choice, a private plot, a 300L weekly stipend and a 1000L one time only sign up bonus. Overall, I’m not sure how often I will actually use this little home, but I figure, if I need somewhere to go, other then my other sims, well, then I have a place. I only had 117 prims to use, so I’m going to convert everything to mesh at some point, but for now, I used some objects I thought would give me an overall idea of the space I have to use.

* The house and my little yard with my surrounding neighbors. I haven’t met anyone yet. I’m excited to meet everyone. perhaps I’ll host a little housewarming party.

 *entrance area-must find curved low prim furniture-


*living room.

So, the home is made up of three main rooms, which are all connected by a curved hallway, which I just think is way too cute. I actually truly love the little home!

I’m here to say, if you are thinking of buying a premium membership, DO IT! It’s worth it! I’m sure that 300L will go along way if I save it all month… that almost 1000L a month.


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