Can you hear the Musica?

 Role Player Spotlight! Lady of the night, a Queen’s Warrior, and the Vampire’s Lover.
I’ve known Musica for many years and have RPed with her for just as long. She recently signed back onto SL after a brief recess. Now that she’s back, I thought it would be a great way to introduce her back into the Role play community with a one on one interview!

[15:04]  Sorcha Irelund: Hello, Musica, thank you for agreeing to this interview.
[15:04]  Musica Jestyr: np
[15:04]  Musica Jestyr: anytime
[15:04]  Musica Jestyr: Smiles*
[15:04]  Sorcha Irelund: You are a well known Role Player in the second Life community, what made you decide to explore Role play in second Life?
[15:07]  Musica Jestyr: I was introduced to second life via a few friends in college
[15:08]  Musica Jestyr: I had heard of second life before tho when it came out in 06
[15:08]  Musica Jestyr: I was like wow
[15:08]  Sorcha Irelund: nods.
[15:08]  Musica Jestyr: gamers sure have alot of games to play with
[15:08]  Musica Jestyr: My college friends watched this show called  The Office
[15:09]  Musica Jestyr: they watched an episode where one of the characters in the office goes on secondlife
[15:09]  Sorcha Irelund: Ha
[15:09]  Sorcha Irelund: Yes.
[15:09]  Musica Jestyr: and a co-worker follows him
[15:09]  Musica Jestyr: I was like that game still around?
[15:09]  Musica Jestyr: My friends say try it and so I did
[15:09]  Musica Jestyr: I liked it
[15:09]  Sorcha Irelund: and here you are!
[15:10]  Musica Jestyr: Well, it was an interesting experience
[15:10]  Musica Jestyr: when I first started I easily got bored
[15:10]  Musica Jestyr: since I did not know anyone
[15:10]  Sorcha Irelund: Yes, there are many people out there who view Second Life as some kind of…strange…nerd environment. I suppose in many ways it is.
[15:10]  Musica Jestyr: I met random people
[15:11]  Musica Jestyr: Oh, no I didnt view it like that
[15:11]  Sorcha Irelund: That connection with people is a huge reason people stay in Second Life.
[15:11]  Musica Jestyr: I was a bit intimidated
[15:11]  Musica Jestyr: I dont see my self as a gamer
[15:11]  Sorcha Irelund: Oh?
[15:11]  Musica Jestyr: but i am an artist in rl
[15:11]  Sorcha Irelund: So, I’m sure the creative outlet Second Life provides was appealing to you?
[15:11]  Musica Jestyr: and so when I heard u could build and make things i was more inclined to try it out.
[15:11]  Sorcha Irelund: Nods.
[15:11]  Musica Jestyr: Yes, it was
[15:12]  Musica Jestyr: I was hororable @ editing my avi tho
[15:12]  Sorcha Irelund: Musica, How would you describe your character? What’s her story?
[15:12]  Musica Jestyr: i didnt know how to get linden
[15:12]  Musica Jestyr: or free stuff
[15:12]  Musica Jestyr: so i editited in my way oh my goodness it was difficult
[15:12]  Musica Jestyr: then i went to a part
[15:12]  Musica Jestyr: park
[15:13]  Musica Jestyr: and lived there for a few weeks met differnet people
[15:13]  Musica Jestyr: one day in local i said i wanted to be a vampire
[15:13]  Musica Jestyr: this girl came up to me
[15:13]  Musica Jestyr: and we talked
[15:13]  Musica Jestyr: she took me to her clan, there no longer exist
[15:13]  Musica Jestyr: sadly*
[15:14]  Sorcha Irelund: Mm hm
[15:14]  Musica Jestyr: She was the queen and her king was to turn me
[15:14]  Musica Jestyr: I met everyone
[15:14]  Musica Jestyr: it was a famly there
[15:14]  Musica Jestyr: they had a club and so many cool friends
[15:14]  Musica Jestyr: grins i wasnt able to turn
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: we never figured it out
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: lol
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: the King of that clan started calling me the holy one
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: lol
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: during that time
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: I would go to clubs
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: and hand out
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: hang out
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: in one of those clube I met a vampire
[15:15]  Musica Jestyr: who danced with me
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: we danced for many weeks
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: got to know each other
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: fell in love
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: he later got an alt
[15:16]  Sorcha Irelund: smiled
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: known as Hannu
[15:16]  Sorcha Irelund: Awe… Lord Hannu, yes.
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: he took me to a differnt clan
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: where i was turned
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: and my soul was given to him
[15:16]  Musica Jestyr: i learned to be a warrior
[15:17]  Sorcha Irelund: That’s very romantic.
[15:17]  Musica Jestyr: and to edit
[15:17]  Musica Jestyr: yes
[15:17]  Musica Jestyr: i love him so very much
[15:17]  Musica Jestyr: during this time i got a few of my rl firends into secondlife
[15:18]  Musica Jestyr: one of my closest firends was to be a vampire
[15:18]  Musica Jestyr: but she went furry
[15:18]  Musica Jestyr: instead
[15:18]  Musica Jestyr: grins*
[15:18]  Sorcha Irelund: Laughs
[15:18]  Musica Jestyr: I forned families here i love and care for deeply
[15:18]  Musica Jestyr: most people consdier secondlife a game
[15:18]  Musica Jestyr: or somethig weird
[15:19]  Musica Jestyr: I consider it a life
[15:19]  Sorcha Irelund: nods
[15:19]  Musica Jestyr: where I have found people i care about no matter what
[15:19]  Musica Jestyr: Where I fit in
[15:19]  Musica Jestyr: Where i have learned lessons
[15:19]  Musica Jestyr: i dont forget
[15:19]  Sorcha Irelund: smiles
[15:20]  Sorcha Irelund: Do you have a spacific realm you call home at the moment?
[15:20]  Musica Jestyr: I was told once the person one is in rl ish who we are in secondlife not matter the avi
[15:20]  Musica Jestyr: I believe that to be true
[15:20]  Musica Jestyr: Presently
[15:20]  Musica Jestyr: no
[15:20]  Musica Jestyr: I dont believe so
[15:21]  Musica Jestyr: I have not been on reguarlary for a long time
[15:21]  Musica Jestyr: so many friends or realms have ejected me
[15:21]  Sorcha Irelund: Your character is still a Vampire?
[15:22]  Musica Jestyr: Well….. Just the part that Hannu has which ish my soul
[15:22]  Musica Jestyr: I’m mostly a dark/dawn elf
[15:22]  Sorcha Irelund: That’s great!
[15:22]  Sorcha Irelund: Thank you so much for your time, Musica.
[15:22]  Musica Jestyr: I bought the no need blood necklace awhile ago
[15:23]  Sorcha Irelund: It’s been a pleasure getting to know you better.
[15:23]  Musica Jestyr: to much hassle trying to bite
[15:23]  Musica Jestyr: sure
[15:23]  Musica Jestyr: ^,^
[15:23]  Sorcha Irelund: Laughs
[15:23]  Sorcha Irelund: Please, don’t bite me!
[15:23]  Sorcha Irelund: Giggles
[15:23]  Musica Jestyr: Smiles only by invitation

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