Medieval Street Style

 Rogan from port Crimson in his Holiday best!
 An Everwind Noble

 Ballas, an Everwind Beggar
 Flowers! Flowers for sale!
So says the Smithy.
I try to snap as many cool photos of my friends and family in SL as possible, because they always look so spectacular. I love posting on medieval Street Style… so… here we go. Above are photos from Port Crimson and Everwind. Sadly, Everwind is no longer the powerful and lovely RP Realm it used to be, but before Mrs Grace took everything down and made it into a larger Rental sim, I took some photos of Everwind NPC players. These are not actually controlled by anyone, rather they have a set script that has a few random RP remarks that appear in Local Chat when you get near them. They are to increase the environment. I think they are awesome! The very first photo is of my dear friend and very clever Role Player, Rogan. Rogan is a healer and active citizen of Port Crimson.

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