Wood Elf

He stared at her a long while from atop the Village walls. The old stone threatened to crumble beneath him, but he was far too sprite to let that damage the silence. His hooded face gave him the appearance of some what of a shady character, but he knew the Queen very well. They had been friends for quite a long time and even though he had not announced his presence, he knew she knew he was there.

The Queen of Sevenwaters cradled her new born against her breast as she swayed back and forth to some forgotten lullaby. The child was definitely King Camlach’s, though there had been no argument against it. The Queen was one of the last of the Tüatha De, or as the elves called them, the Fair Folk. The Fair Folk had a reputation for being fickle and moved from one partner to another at the drop of a Sevenwaters Copper.

He watched the infant in her arms. It was a little boy, a Prince then. He had dark hair like his father, but he had those strange colorless eyes of his Mother.

The Queen gazed up suddenly and smiled.

“Going to come meet my son, then? Or are you going to stay up there all evening?” she chuckled and waved him down.

…To Be Continued

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