Sorcha’s Freebie Medieval Gowns. The best of the best!

 These are the Saltorello Gowns from Annie Ibanez. It comes in both blue and brown and are free for those interested in playing in the Realm of Mystara. You can find them both here:The Realm of Mystara-Entrance Point
This lovely and whimsical gown is from Oblivion Fashion and is one of a couple free items they have in store. You can pick this pretty fantasy gown up here:Oblivion Fashion
This sweet Gown is from the sim Everwind and is free in the entry point to the sim. You can find this sweet gown here:Everwind- Entrance Point

Good afternoon, morning, evening…late evening to all my wonderful readers! It’s a gorgeous day in SL and I’ve been meaning to put out this post for quiet some time. Now, as any Role Player knows, when you enter a new RP sim, the sim owner is smart enough to know that some of their potential players have never set foot in their sim or any similar sim and because there is usually a dress code in these sims, they know it’s up to them to put out at least one outfit for both a male and a female that is appropriate for walking around in the sim. Medieval sims are notoriously strict about this. Some sim’s make deals with designers and they all put out the same, white, boring gown for the ladies. Other sims, like Mystara, have a creative player base that work together to create some lovely things to wear. Annie Ibanez, Mystara’s sim owner made the gowns she put out for her female players herself. I’ve wandered around to a couple stores and a couple sims that I feel have the best freebie dresses. I will continue to update this thread as I find more free gowns that are up to my standard. I not only hope to educate those interested on great Role Play sims, but I hope to also share my favorite freebies. Have fun and let me know what you think of the gowns.

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  1. Thanks Pip! Hey, if you find anymore. Lemme know. I know a ton of sim's do this. Why don't you take on the challenge for your blog, since I'm not a freebie blog. Go sim to sim and pick out the prettiest things they offer for their players 🙂

    Kisses and huggles.

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