Pesky Peeping Purple Pansy!

I had some fun today with this silly online photo editing site called I couldn’t stop laughing at all the fun things you could do to your photos. The first two photos are in world shots, completely untouched. The last photo has a fun effect slapped on it to make it all awesome and stuff. Ha! I found this dress in my inventory not too long ago and I couldn’t get over how lovely it was. Now, I of course customized it by doing without some of the extras they had as attachable ( belts, bracers, gloves…) This is from Arwen’s creations and it the Tailored-Plum dress. It’s absolutely stunning, right? It is obviously made for Gor, but without the veil and some of the other little things, it can be a great Villager Gown. It’s purple and rich in color, so perhaps you’re a Merchant’s wife or something. LOLS. Anyways. I thought I would share the link to this awesome Designer’s stuff and for the Gown. Go on and check it out. It’s completely fair in price as well. 375L for an entire look. I just love it!

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