Evie’s Giveaway! Get psyched!

So… For various reason, one being, because I can and the other being, because I want to, I am giving away an Evie’s Closet gift card worth 500L to the person who best represents their own Role Play fashion. This is not only a fashion contest, but also a photography contest. I want to see your fashion and photography skills! I’d especially like to see some Evie’s closet items in the picks, since this is an Evie’s Closet giveaway. No… She is not sponsoring this blog, it’s simply because I love her and I love all of you! So… Go out, shop, and shoot! Email the photos to sorchasfantasyfashion@gmail.com and I will load them all on the blog for the world to see. I’ll judge on quality and creativity! Let’s show everyone just how stylish we RP nerds are 🙂 kissie kissie!

1st place: 500L to Evie’s Closet
2nd place: 250L to Evie’s closet
3rd place: 125L to Evie’s Closet

Contest opens tonight and ends 03/10/11

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