Antique Pink

I am so in love with today. Absolutely head over heels in love. First, I was asked to teach a class on Character Study for Mystara, which is something I am strongly connected with, being an Actress and all. The players in Mystara are simply incredible. So kind and so willing to listen and learn. I had such a wonderful time sharing the knowledge I had on the subject. The class got a great turn out and some awesome points were brought up and discussed. LOVES IT! Second, look at my gown. Isn’t it GORGE! Sometimes going back to your old stand by Designers is the best thing to do. I love *Quality Designs*. They are always on point with their gowns. The lovely Antique Pink and Mauve is simply stunning and the perfect prim detailing really adds to the overall look of the piece. It flows so perfectly over my body that I didn’t need to adjust once. I also finally purchased the new Vive9 hair that isn’t so new anymore. It really is a lovely hair. I just die over the way it drapes so beautifully over my shoulder and I am totally in love with the realistic roots. Gah! isn’t it just great. When designer’s put little details like this into their creations, it really just adds to the product. My look today is inspired by the new Game of Throne’s book by Gorge R.R. Martin. I did my best to create my favorite character from his books. 
I hope you enjoy my recent BLONDIE looks. 
*Quality Designs* Celtic/Medieval/Fantasy <—- click here to buy the Elaiodora Gown in Antique Pink
Vive9<—- click here to get my awesome hair
Wishbox<—-Click here to get my Purity Circlet

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