The paired down “Gaia” gown from the White Armory.
Now, I didn’t blog this last Sunday for two reasons. Number one, I didn’t feel like it. Number two, this is worth paying for… so I didn’t feel the need to have my followers ( who I know are loyal to TWA) to run out and join the group just to get this gown. If you don’t know the skinny on TWA, then here ya go: If you join the group, every Sunday Bee and Colton are kind enough to place out one of their gorgeous weapons and gowns for FREE! Yes, that’s right. FREE. It is beyond generous of them both and I am grateful to be in the group. Don’t get me wrong, I pay for a ton at that store. I love TWA and I see no reason NOT to give back. Anyways… This was last Sunday’s gown and it is absolutely stunning. I have it shown above completely paired down. I didn’t add the Cathedral train, the tiered skirts, or the upper and lower shoulder attachments because I wanted everyone to see how amazing Bee’s hand painted textures are. Simply gorgeous. The gown can be worn in a variety of ways and is perfect for court or a ball. I am also wearing the Purity Circlet from *Wishbox* which is scripted to change the stones colors at your pleasure.

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