Orange ya glad I posted?!

Evie strikes again! Yesterday was the end of her “Get snapped” event and just because she rocks so hard, she handed out this incredible “Elizabeth” gown for 85L. What a clever and fun idea to raise traffic in her store! I love it! I hope she got a ton of business and congratulations to all those lovely Avis that were snapped and won those 250L gift cards. So much fun! I thought I would keep the momentum going and advertise the gown here to show how gorgeous it is. The lovely shade of orange brings warmth and color into my skin, which I love and it makes me happy. It’s one of those colors that is so rich and vibrant that it almost scares you to try, but Evie has created something so lovely, that I think I’ll be wearing it for some time. Go, go, go and get yourself this fantastically priced gown and pick up the “Secret Garden Wreath” seen above, too! It’s scripted to change lovely shades of color at your pleasure. Have fun!
Evie’s Closet <—- click here to visit Evie's Closet

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