The Snail Brigade!

I love meeting awesome avis in SL. It makes me sooooo happy. Today I was attached by the Snail Brigade! A tiny pixie, riding the back of a snail and her loyal companion, the baby dragon. It made me laugh so hard when the surrounded me in the tall grass. I was promptly informed that the grass was watching and I should watch out! Oh, and that I was awfully tall for a Fairy. This, I agree with. LOLS!

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  1. Elle says:

    OOH I love this outfit…where is it from?

  2. Hiya Elle! This is the “Will 'O the Wisp” gown from Evie's Closet! It's super cute and includes these gorgeous wings. I believe the outfit is 350L and comes in a variety of lovely colors. I'm wearing Dusty Rose. Thanks for commenting, sweets!

    <3 Sorcha

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