Oh Truth, how I love thee so.

So, I’m super late on all the new Truth-Hawks hair, but who cares. Every other SL blogger has already given out the info. I must say, I am over the moon about the new “Bea” style. I love sex kitten bangs, and I love the way they frame my face. I feel so… hip, without really trying. My good friend Terry Toland messaged me today to inform me that she had the letter “S” on a lucky board and I was swiftly TP’ed away to win the prize. I love when friends help friends. I honestly have no idea where I was or who designed my outfit, I’ll look it up as soon as I have time. I tend to go straight for pictures instead of writing down all the style credits, as they take the LONGEST!!! Anywho, Free outfit and “Bea” Truth-Hawks hair. WoOt! wOot!

TRUTH <—- click here to get my hair
Ibanez Eyes <—-Click here to get my eyes "Attis"
SCRIBBLE <— Click here to get my ears

❤ <— Click here to touch my heart… kidding… you can't do that. It's inside my chest. DUH!

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