Knocked up?

Listen… I’ve had three SL/RP pregnancies and delivered each precious baby safely. I know the whole “baby” thing in SL is just as weird as the ” wedding” thing, but it’s perfectly acceptable and very intense in a RP fashion. For the longest time, it was hard as heck to find maternity clothing fit for the period. Yes, you can alter your shape and it will appear you are preggers in everything you wear, but having to fix and re size things is a pain in the ass. I’d rather just have a couple nice maternity gowns.* Quality Designs* has a great gown for those Ladies who appear preggers in medieval RP. It’s called the “Anna-maternity” and it’s gorgeous. I love the extra long sleeves and the sweet empire top. It’s not super fancy, but it will do for everyday RP. You’ll look about ready to pop, but it’s perfect for RP purposes. I wore this through all three RP babies. LOVES IT! I’m also wearing the new “Yolanda” hair from truth-hawks. How adorable is it?! I love the scripted color change bands and streak. It is completely sweet and perfect to keep all that long hair under control.

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