I’m a little Demi-corn!

I found this super cute all white Faun set on XLstreet for super cheap and had the awesome idea to add a horn! LOL. Actually, it was Annie’s idea to slap a horn on my head and call me a Demi-Corn. A Demi-corn is half Unicorn and half human, either magicked that way or born that way (Ouch!). I named my sweet and sexy character after Amalthea, the last of the Unicorns. I love that movie. Happy sigh… I paired my new look with a Deviance design, of course and Truth-Hawks hair. I browsed Deviance and finally settled on their new Elementalist set in Frost and I tinted the Truth (Estelle) hair to match. I also tinted my tail, which was from some random Neko outfit I had in my inventory. All in all, I think she came out pretty well, and I think I spent under 1000L. Yippie!

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