A touch of Retro

This is the cute post. Yup… that’s right. Ridiculously cute post. Mm hm. I usually do Role Play themes, but I figured, “Hey! Why can’t retro be Role Play?” It sure can and many would argue that they play in modern SIM’s with fun twist. Anywho, Myth is closing and as I am very sad to see it go, I am not sad to pick up all their fabulous frocks for super cheap! I rushed over last week and swept up the store. I’ll be blogging more looks from Myth, but I figure I would space them out. Here I am wearing Myth’s high rise skirt that looks more like shorts >.< I paired it with MilkMotions cropped tank from their TDR special this week and some super hot Leopard print stilettos from Purrfect 10. I decided the perfect place to get some photos in was itutu cafe. It's probably one of my favorite places in SL. I just love the white wash walls and cool brick features. I also love the vibe. It's so… retro… in a weird way. Ha! Anywho, I also included this adorable photo from the D!va hair SIM. It cracks me up! I love the little critters spoiling a picnic. So cute! My eyes are no longer available, but I thought they were so cool, I had to show them off. So there. 

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