Under my Cable knit sweata, sweata, sweata!

WoOt! How cute is this outfit?! Guess what? It’s FREE! -Does the freebie dance- I won it off the .::Urban Girl::. Lucky Boards! Wanna know what else I won? My skin! It’s from ::Mother Goose:: and is simply the most adorable skin i’ve worn in a long time. The pucker, berry stained lips and lightly dusted freckles make it a red heads dream. In fact I am going ginger for this post! The Juicy one herself posted herself in a Truth-Hawks Carrot colored hair in ode to her dear friend who is recovering from surgery and I decided to pay ode as well and wear some carrot hair! Oo, that rhymed. Anywho, for all of you out there who think it’s impossible to make a super cute avi for free, this post is living proof! The hair, eyes, skin, shape, and outfit were all free. Mm hm… you just gotta look for the right stuff and stick around for those lucky boards. Anyway… here’s the pics. Have fun pervin me.

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