Theus Ethaniel (Character profile- Style Credits included)

Theus is a High Elf from the far north, and arrived here from 
walking what he calls the “fae paths”. Despite some odd
mannerisms is generally good natured and with in two days of arriving, participated in the removal of a undead. 

Hair; Is the Medium white from the Sirena Sebastian Everything Pack-

Skin;  is from the Gold Elf complete avatar (male) they have a small selection of avatars for both genders found here-

Outfit; Is made of several diffrent parts, the large longsword is
from the Gold Elf pack mentioned before. The Blue and red jerkin isfrom ViGo Creations, made specifically for Medieval and Gorean wear found here-

The Calf height boots are from the Kboots collection, sadly I have had them for so long I don’t remember where I got them from.
The Gloves are from a Cyberpunk setting but work well for such a small detail. It’s from the Cobra mens pack which can be found here:

P.S. I met this outstanding Role Player in Mystara and was blown away by his descriptive and intense RP skills. Wow! I had to do a character profile on him, because this is someone you should seek out to RP with. Plus, I thought his avi was super cool. His skin has a huge and ancient gash on his left cheek and his sleek build and long white hair was so haunting. I hope you enjoy this character profile and look for him in Mystara.

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