Mm… hands. Hands and glitter. Hands, glitter, and pretty blue dressies!

Goodness me! How hot are my hands?! Okay… I know, they’re just hands. I’ve been waiting for ages! SLink finally released these gorgeous babies to match my perfect prim feet! I am now complete. Also, I’m finally utilizing the Juicy Birthday gifts from the JuicyBomb Birthday party 🙂 Yay! I’m using a special pose from the Posure pack (Posure 1) and I’m wearing the awesome eye glitter from [a.e]. I think it looks just wonderful against the “La Dame Belle” gown from The White Armory and the “Tina Hair” in Snow from Truth-Hawks! I’m glitterishious. I’ll post the exact styler credits when I have some time tomorrow 😦 But if you follow some of the links in my blogroll, it’ll take you to most of the designer’s I’m wearing. It’s late and I want pancakes. Love you!


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